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Meet Shaden Alkhalifah

Clinical Intern

Shaden Alkhalifah has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and is currently pursing her masters in Mental Health Counseling at NYU. Shayden is a bilingual speaker, she speaks both  Arabic and English.


In her gained experience, she utilizes  psychodynamic and relational theories to help clients understand the
underlying causes of their struggles and build more fulfilling relationships with themselves and
others. Shayden believes that our past experiences, relationships, and cultural context shape who we are
today and that exploring these factors can lead to greater self-awareness, insight, and personal

Shayden's approach to therapy  is grounded in social justice principles, recognizing the impact of systemic
oppression on mental health and creating a therapeutic environment that is inclusive and affirming for all. Some of her specialties include: gender dysphoria, faith crisis, fat phobia, sexual and religious traumas, relationship issues, and identity-related concerns.

Shayden ultimate goal is to help clients return to themselves, reclaim their bodies and find their

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Accepting New Clients

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