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Meet Aseel Daghistani

Clinical Intern

Aseel Daghistani has a Bachelors of Science in Clinical Psychology and is currently pursing her masters in Mental Health and Counseling at NYU. As a not-born American and a member of the Arab community,  she understands the complexity of holding multiple identities. She believes that mental health services should be accessible to everyone and believes in tailoring the therapy to her clients’ cultural and clinical needs. 

As someone who has gone through therapy herself, Aseel understands how difficult of a step it can be to take and that choosing to continue treatment can be rewarding and tasking at the same time. She believes that a solid therapeutic relationship is essential, and she hopes to listen to her clients with empathy, kindness, and attentiveness.

Aseel thinks that therapy is right for everyone, and it is
all about finding the right fit. She is committed to expanding the field to service those who are
forgotten in the fold. She strives to ensure everyone who works with her feels empowered, heard,
and accepted in the therapy room by practicing with equity, inclusivity and cultural humility.


Accepting New Clients

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