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Meet Gabriella Carrera

Clinical Intern

Gabriella, a Bronx native, brings with her a wealth of experience from community-oriented
organizations such as the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club of America. With a focus
primarily on working with families, she now seeks to broaden her expertise to encompass
both individual and group-based settings. Her aim is to cultivate environments where
individuals can freely express themselves and receive support in navigating unfamiliar


Drawing from her background in philosophy and political science, Gabriella seamlessly
integrates diverse perspectives into her counseling practice. She holds deeply humanistic
views, firmly believing in the inherent goodness and potential of every individual given the
right resources. Her love for the arts not only informs her approach to counseling but also
serves as a cornerstone in building rapport with clients, reflecting her penchant for cultural
interaction gained through extensive travel experiences.


Gabriella is actively involved in advocacy efforts, particularly in assessing and addressing
vulnerabilities within underserved communities. She is committed to understanding the
unique challenges faced by marginalized individuals, including the influence of multiple
identities and the struggles of immigrant and first-generation populations. Through her
work with Wellness Tree and other initiatives, Gabriella aims to dismantle stigma and
promote inclusivity within ethnic communities.


Accepting New Clients

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