Meet Caini Deng

Clinical Intern

When you feel depressed, anxious, or everything is out of your control. Caini is here to support and help. Caini is a patient, non-judgmental and affirmative listener. She will help you find your own strength and build resilience towards the ups and downs of life.


Caini has been trained in integrated theoretical approaches including person-centered therapy, CBT, positive psychology, and emotional-focused therapy. As an Asian female therapist, Caini approaches therapy using a cross-cultural, anti-oppressive, and social justice lens. Multicultural Competence is crucial, when interacting with a racially diverse group of clients.


Creating safe space is of overriding importance. The feeling of security can lead to a trustful therapeutic relationship and the result of clients sharing more. As an Asian therapist, one of Caini's cultural privileges is to really empathize with clients, especially those who have experienced everyday racial microaggressions, because she has been in the same place, feeling isolated by the mainstream society.

Caini incorporates a person-centered approach and hope to create trust, rapport, and a safe environment for clients to confide in. Together, we can walk to healing and self-growth.


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Caini Deng