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Emily Nuñez

Clinical Intern

Emily is a current student at NYU Steinhardt, studying Mental Health Counseling and Wellness. Emily is New York City born and raised, and native to the island of Puerto Rico. She found her love for mental health studies and healing work early in her academic career. Being both passionate to her field, and a naturally compassionate being, Emily holds deep gratitude and honor for the process of therapy and healing work.


Emily wears many hats, being a children's yoga instructor at Columbia Elementary, exploring her passions for movement medicine, mindfulness practices, and breathwork/meditation guidance and facilitation. As a wellness practitioner, and growing clinician, Emily leans into therapeutic orientations that center around emotional and psychological understanding, externalization of one's experiences and/or trauma, more specifically within a scope of Narrative Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT).


Emily places high value on compassionate and intentionally crafted dialogue, unpacking spiritual exploration/connection to self, and holding space in a way that honors a client in their entirety. Particularly leaning into a lens that respects and values a social justice perspective, values intercultural fluency and values the historical roots/present day institutional workings of oppression, trauma and disadvantage.


Open and committed to her blossoming as a counselor, she feels much gratitude for the growth and blossoming that the therapeutic process also provides to others.


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Accepting New Clients

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