Evelyn Limones, LMSW

Associate Psychotherapist

Evelyn is a Brown Latina LMSW and native New Yorker who has been practicing since 2017 offering services in English and her native language Spanish. Evelyn has been offering individual psychotherapy to BIPOC adults dealing with depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties and overall challenges that affect their emotional well-being.


Evelyn is a firm believer that life is challenging, and therapy is not limited to mental health conditions but overall everyday problems that affects us, such as, financial problems, dating, career choices and difficulties, low self-esteem, friendship problems, lack of boundaries with yourself and others in your environment, and family problems, just to name a few.


Evelyn has been on the other end of the couch and knows how uncomfortable it is to show vulnerability and to be authentic to yourself and your therapist because of shame, guilt, and/or embarrassment. Evelyn is aware of how it feels to accept that you are human and not PERFECT. PERFECTION is a buzz killer! It does not allow you to enjoy the NOW, your progress, growth and evolution as a human being.


Therefore, Evelyn's motto is that emotional healing is not a sprint, it is not linear, instead, it is messy, but she normalizes the “messy” and welcomes it into the room with her clients. In your path of healing and well-being, Evelyn will work along with you in meeting your needs, emphasizing your strengths, and empowering you in becoming the best version of you while maximizing your growth in your unique journey in therapy.

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