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Marisol Flores-Ortega

Clinical Intern

Marisol has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness at NYU. She works as a research coordinator at a lab focused on trauma, adversity, and Wellness at CUNY Queens College. As a first-generation Latina, Marisol understands  the importance of mental health in our community and is committed to helping  break the barriers in mental health to support marginalized communities. Marisol is a bilingual speaker; she speaks both English and Spanish. 


With her own experience with starting therapy, Marisol knows how intimidating it can be and that finding the right therapist to begin this journey can be challenging at first. Therapy allows us to explore more about ourselves and develop self-awareness in a safe space, and Marisol would love to be part of your journey because you deserve to be heard. 


Whenever you feel overwhelmed with daily stressors, dealing with past traumas, feel depressed, or want to work on yourself, Marisol believes we all know what healing we need within us and the importance of finding coping skills to manage difficult feelings, negative thoughts, and behaviors. Marisol is passionate, determined and patient. She values the importance of developing a trusting therapeutic relationship that is free of shame and judgment.  


Marisol believes that therapy is not one size fits all; with her background in trauma, she’ll incorporate theoretical approaches such as the person-centered approach to create a relationship growth and change, CBT, mindfulness-based therapy, and trauma-focused therapy. 


Marisol is ready to create a safe space for us to work together to achieve your goals. 

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Accepting New Clients

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