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Meet Rommelyne Bernadotte

Clinical Intern

Rommelyne Bernadotte has a bachelor’s in Health Information Management and is currently pursuing her master’s in clinical psychology in Mental Health at Capella University. As a Haitian born citizen, she recognizes the increasing numbers of people managing a multitude of identities including racial, ethnic, national, and gender identities. 

Rommelyne was influenced by her own experience in therapy to start the journey as a therapist and would love to help individuals to dispel the stigma and negative perceptions held within  culturally diverse communities. Her focus is to work with all communities and use her experiences from various settings she worked within to help clients the best way possible.

Rommelyne believes that our mental health is something that impacts our daily life and has a lot to do with our physical health as well. Working with Rommelyne as a therapist, her goal is to help clients to develop healthy coping skills, reduce stress and prevent burn out; increase self-esteem; and improve communication skills. 

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Accepting New Clients

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