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Meet Yogesh Lal


Yogesh Lal is a Indo-Caribbean male who was born and raised in New York City. His focus is primarily on Marriage and Family therapy as a MFT-LP holder. While having a specialty to work
with couples and groups, he also has extensive experience working closely with individuals. His background is not exclusive to only family therapy but also includes social work. Yogesh has experience working with young adults and adults in the NYC housing system who have been underrepresented and underserved and serves as an advocate for New Yorkers alike.


Yogesh has worked with many diverse populations across New York in a social work and clinical setting. He utilizes a collaborative person-centered approach along with a family systemic modality. His background in social service equips him with the understanding that individuals have the liberty to make their own choices and view the world in their own lens; his role will simply be to offer a wider or focused view. 


Yogesh communicates with respect to each person he is in collaboration with and has a background working specifically with persons in the LGBTQ and BIPOC community. His goal is
to ensure each client is heard and to also provide treatment and service in the most effective path. 


Yogesh has a passion for working with clients that have experienced trauma and works with them closely through a trauma informed approach. His work with couples and families utilizes a systemic approach to work on dynamics and to provide validation with client’s engagement.

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Accepting New Clients

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