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Sister Circle

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I recently attended an event amongst other black and Caribbean people. The room was dominated by women discussing mental health specific in Haitian culture. The common themes in the room were trauma, suicide, loss, gender roles and expectations, self-esteem and relationship insecurities. One woman stood out to me as she shared her views on therapy. Her point was: 'I don't really need to go to therapy because I have my girlfriend to talk to.'

Building a sister circle is crucial in black culture however it's important to recognize when our friendships are becoming unhealthy.

When we project our feelings associated with the trauma and sorrows in our lives, it keeps those feelings manifesting in us and can lead to toxic relationships.

Therapy is not meant to replace sisterhood (or brotherhood). Therapy allows people to process life experiences that keeps them stuck in a place of hurt and fear. Therapy is about healing self discoveries and growth

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