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At Wellness Tree Counseling LCSW, PLLC we believe in keeping our community healthy, which is why we offer a range of therapeutic groups designed to collective healing and growth. 

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Do you find it hard to self-identify outside of your everyday roles at home, work or relationships? 

Have you lost yourself along the way? 

Are you grieving your pre-pandemic self? 

If so, Discover You! Support Group for women was designed with you in mind. 

Happy Family

Mindful Motherhood

Mindful Motherhood is a space curated for women of color to seek and receive support relating to parenting as a millennial mother.

F.E.A.R. is an 8 weeks cognitive behavioral therapy group approach for adults experiencing anxiety and depression. Learn to address negative thoughts and emotions using practical skills.

Classmates in Library

A CBT Skills Group

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Stress Less

Overwhelmed by stress?

Stress Less is a stress management group designed to help you manage everyday stress and anxiety so that you can thrive! 

Healing takes place in many forms. We recognize that therapy may not be for everyone or maybe the timing is not yet.

Join our book club to plant the seeds you need to grow!

Desk with Book

Wellness Tree 
Book Club

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