Therapy with Tacha


Woke up feeling unsure about yourself? Struggling with major life changes or decisions? Feeling stuck in life? Or you've lost your purpose? Is the weight on your shoulders too much to bear leaving you questioning ‘why’?


Let’s start by saying, you’ve come to the right place. We all face times when we are overwhelmed by our situations. I’m here to listen without judgment and help you to sort out life challenges. 

Therapy is about building a therapeutic relationship which requires patience and commitment. I offer 45-60 minutes therapy session for individuals and couples. 

My office is conveniently located in the Kew Gardens neighborhood in Queens, N.Y.  accessible to public buses, trains and LIRR station (Kew Garden Station).


 When life gets busy, it can make dealing with everyday stress even more difficult. Online therapy is available and allows you to get the support you need so that you can better manage. Online therapy brings therapy to you in the comfort of your own private setting. You don't have to go at it alone. 

Prior to scheduling your first appointment, we'll schedule a free 30 minutes phone consultation to discuss your needs and ensure a good fit you and I.

​online therapy allows you to get the support you need so that you can better manage.  

Online Therapy

It's convenient, secure, and accessible.


Office Therapy

Flexible scheduling--early morning, evening, and weekend appointments.

Tacha Fletcher, LCSW

NYC-based Black Psychotherapist leaving you feeling empowered and equipped with refined skills to heal.

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