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  • Are you a Black mother between the ages of 25-40?

  • Do you wish you could interact more with other mothers your age?

  • Do you struggle to find a balance between mothering and working?

  • Are your friendships drifting away since you've become a mother?

  • Do you find it difficult to make time for yourself as a result of mothering?

​Black millennial women are redefining motherhood! The best gift you can give to a mother is support.

Mindful Motherhood is a space curated for Black millennial women to seek and receive support relating to parenting as a millennial mother.

Mindful Motherhood focuses on building a sense of self and sisterhood through conversations and connection with other Black millennial mothers. 

Relevant topics to be discussed: physical and mental wellness, stress-management, work and life balance, self-care, and parenting challenges.

Relevant skills will be taught with these topics in mind include mindfulness, relaxation techniques, stress reduction, and parenting strategies. Women will have access to a private online community to foster ongoing support amongst group members.

Group runs for 5 weeks. $30.00 per session. Participants are encouraged to attend all sessions

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