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Watering the plants of friendship

Life can be complex, chaotic, and lonely, which makes relationships and strong social connections vital for a person’s continued well-being. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a rise in loneliness and loss of connections including relationships.

Are friendships enough?

With loneliness affecting many of us around the world, can friendships act as an antidote for all this distress? The answer is yes and it seems that as women found the profound powers of that antidote. Supported by the work of Paul Dolan, a Professor and expert in Behavioral Mental Health and the science of happiness, female bonds and friendships create support, empathy, understanding, companionship, and much more.

Here’s 3 reasons why friendships matter for us as women:

  1. The bonding hormone

Friendships play a vital role in women’s happiness, so much so that spending time with friends and nurturing these relationships with open communication, trust, and support help release oxytocin in the brain, also known as the bonding hormone.

2. Loneliness and anxiety

It is easy to feel alone in a world that is fast-paced and continuously moving. Strong empathetic friendships are a great way to battle that. Sometimes people need a fresh perspective, someone to listen to them, and a safe space. Friendships can provide that. Friends can teach each other coping methods, look at problems from different perspectives, and provide support. Loneliness, anxiety, sadness, and stress can be crippling, and the power of friendship can be empowering.

3. Empowerment and self-esteem.

Being a woman in today’s society is not always easy. Bodies are scrutinized, and attitudes are judged. Some people are left to feel discarded or ignored by society. Women lifting each other, coming together, empowering one another, and simply seeing each other can create a world of difference in their lives.

Strong bonds create networks of women who support and love each other in ways that allow for high self-esteem, better coping skills, and relief from loneliness. Women empowering each other and loving on each other is powerful and tremendously promotes well-being. Significant relationships like this save you from settling for what is not fulfilling. Water the plants of friendship and allow yourself the happiness of genuine companionship.

If you are looking to build stronger and healthier relationships, working with a therapist can help you develop the insight and skills needed. Go ahead, take that first step by requesting a free phone consultation to speak with one of our therapists or consider joining our support group Discover You: Support Group for Women.


About Wellness Tree Counseling...

Our mission at Wellness Tree Counseling Services is to promote wellness through a culturally sensitive lens so that individuals, families and communities are encouraged to rise to their full potential and engage life in meaningful ways.

Our vision is to provide the BIPOC community with comprehensive holistic care that empowers and equips them with skills to work toward improved mental health and well-being. We take great pride in treating the whole-person.

Our core values of Wellness Tree Counseling Services is to treat each individual with C.A.R.E. (Compassion, Affirming, Respect, & Empathy) .

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